Best Cordless Dryer Awaits You

This is the time when technology is advancing at a high speed and almost everything is getting automated. Now even hair dryers that we mostly use are having upgraded versions. So, I decided to look for the top cordless hair dryer that people are using today. Also, we need to think of the product’s portability, weight, safety, charging time, power, and especially running time when choosing. So, always check the product information, and here is what I found;

MANLI Cordless Cool Air Hair Dryer

First, is the MANLI Cordless Cool Air Hair Dryer that came in the market last 2019. It’s easy to use since you just need to turn the wheel for it to start and turn it backward/forward to adjust how strong you want the wind. It’s sad that you can only get cold air but you can use it for 35 minutes straight and charge it for 3 hours. And since my hair is thick, it’s taking a while for it to dry my hair. The part that I like the most is that you can fold it and put it inside your bag when you need to go or travel because it’s not heavy. read more

Car Upgrades: What Makes a Good Aftermarket Steering Wheel?

I know some car experts would agree that buying an aftermarket steering wheel is a must upgrade for your car. Well, there are several reasons why it is worth the cost & effort to find one. Today, we will uncover what useful features to look out for.

Some may find it insignificant of an upgrade. But actually, this simple and easy upgrade can significantly improve your driving experience. It’ll also make the exterior of your more appealing and fresh. So let’s get moving, and answer the question. read more

The Best Gadgets for Noise to Stop Being a Nuisance at Home

That noise is part of our life is an indisputable fact. Traffic, music, plays, screams, electrical appliances, children playing are just some of the causes that make us unable to be disconnected, even when we are in our own home.

This excess noise generates a phenomenon known as noise pollution, which WHO points out as one of the four environmental factors that have the most significant impact on people’s health. The European Environment Agency estimates that more than 100 people are exposed to harmful levels of sound in the European Union, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, sleep disorders, hypertension, and stress. In fact, according to the European Commission, this phenomenon is associated with more than 10,000 cases of premature death each year. read more

6 Technologies For The Houses of The Future

Today the use of technology dominates in this era where people can control  TVs, lights, and even air conditioning from our smartphone.  Here we show you six house technologies of the future that everyone should know.

Automated robots

There are already devices designed to walk around our house autonomously and clean the floor. That is the furthest we have come in terms of consumer robots so far. read more

What are The Best Gadgets to Carry in The Car?

Heartbeat Bracelets

Prevent you from falling asleep at the wheel. They detect and analyze the heartbeat through a mobile app that alerts you with an alarm to stop it. An example of this is an app that has been developed by a well-known brand of mobile telephony, and that offers you to carry a “co-pilot” throughout the trip by car.

Projector for the windshield

Projects the navigation instructions of the smartphone on the windshield. It allows knowing directions, arrival times, lane directions, speed alerts, traffic, and speed cameras. It is like carrying a most futuristic screen, but the only thing you will need is the reflection of light itself. read more