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Tips for renting a house

2022 was a difficult year for travelers due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many people opted to rent a vehicle rather than staying in hotels.

Mark J. Polk, the founder of RV Education 101, says that RV dealers all over the country couldn’t get enough new RVs quickly enough to meet the demand. “The used RV sales numbers were skyrocketing, and RV rental companies reported their highest rental figures for 2022.”

There’s much to be learned for those who have never driven an RV. Polk believes it’s worthwhile. Polk says that renting an RV is a great way for people to see the country and travel, especially in these times. You can travel wherever you want to, whenever you want, and without being subject to people in large numbers.


Tips for renting a house
Tips for renting a house

Here are some tips if RV camping is something that you would like to do in 2022.

Here are some things you should know about camping

For holidays or special events, it is a good idea to make reservations in advance for your rental. My family rented an RV to see the total solar eclipse in Idaho last year. Lucky for us, someone cancelled our reservation. We had to accept a bigger RV than we expected.

Know where to park overnight and what your route is. You can find amenities like WiFi, groceries and swimming pools in RV parks. Walmart allows RVs to park overnight on their property, but they don’t have the same amenities as a dedicated RV park. For a rustic feeling, park in a national park.

Types of cigarette

The broad term “Recreational vehicle” is used. These are the most popular types.


There are three types of motorized RVs. Polk says that Type A motorhomes look more like buses. Polk says that Type B motorhomes are larger than a bus, while Type C motorhomes are more like a van. Most people who rent a motorhome or travel trailer for the first time will choose Type C.

Fifth wheel

These trailers are large and towable with a raised fore section. Saskia Boogman is the director of public relations at Kampgrounds of America. She notes that these trailers require special hitches and a truck to tow. Boogman says they are not suitable for rental because of the equipment required.

Travel trailer

There are many floor plans and sizes available for conventional travel trailers. Polk explains that travel trailers come in sizes ranging from 15 to 37 feet and have floor plans for up to eight people.

Small Camper Van

A camper van, a smaller vehicle capable of transporting people and providing sleeping accommodation, is an option.

Pop-up Trailer

A folding camping trailer that has canvas sides that can be extended. These trailers are lightweight and easy to transport.

How do you know which trip is best?

There are many options. These are some things you should consider before taking an RV trip.

What length is your trip?

Polk states, “I always tell people that if they’re going to one destination and will be staying there, a travel caravan is a good option.” A motorhome is a better option if you intend to travel across the country.

Are You Towing?

Towable RVs need a vehicle that can handle the trailer’s weight and be set up to haul it. This usually means that you will need an optional towing package.

Take a look at the size

Your ability to drive a large vehicle and how many people you are traveling with will determine the size of your rental. Start small if you are new to RVs.

Where can I rent a car?

Boogman states that the best way to locate a rental vehicle is to do a quick online search. There are many companies available, including Cruise America, El Monte and Outdoorsy. The RVshare companies are peer-to–peer rental companies. This means that RV owners rent out their RVs when they aren’t using them.

Tips and Mistakes to Avoid in Rentals

This article contains more information to help you have a great adventure.

Educate yourself

Polk states that the first and most important tip to rent an RV is to learn about RVs before renting. Polk offers online courses and provides articles and videos on RVs.

Find the right size

Think about this: Would you be comfortable driving a larger vehicle than your average automobile? If you own a vehicle that can safely tow the trailer, are you comfortable driving it? Are there more than one person who is willing to drive such an enormous vehicle?

Polk advises that you choose the RV type and size you feel most at home with, as you will be driving it or towing it around a lot.

Do not clog things up

You should be prepared to deal with the “black water tank”, which is the tank that holds the waste from your RV’s toilet. The rental company should be able explain how to drain it. Your fellow travelers should be aware that you only need to use septic-safe toilet papers and not flush any baby wipes or other items.

The gray water tank is the tank that collects water from your RV’s shower and sinks. Do not put food down the sink in the kitchen. It will be a pain when you have to drain the RV water tank.

Be aware of what you’re signing

Polk advises that you read the rental agreement before signing the contract.

It is important to find out if there are any additional charges for exceeding a mileage limit or using the generator for longer periods of time. It is also important to understand what happens if the RV is damaged. You must be clear about what you need to do in order to get your deposit back.