The Ultimate Land Rover Defender Camping Setup

The Ultimate Land Rover Defender Camping

Strong, capable, and unstoppable. That’s me! It is my Land Rover Defender. I feel ready to go on an adventure just by looking at her.

My goal for this decade was to get more out in nature and disconnect. My Land Rover Defender has been there with me on many epic camping trips.

It’s ideal for hauling or off-roading. Now that the vehicle is equipped with all the necessary amenities, it can be used to camp in serious style.

My Land Rover Defender

Just a heads-up, I have the 2013 Land Rover Defender.

When you are outfitting your car with parts that are specific to your vehicle, ensure you have the correct make/model.

A bit of background: In 2016, Land Rover discontinued production of the Defender. They are not permitted to be sold in the USA unless the driver is at least 25 years old. They are also extremely expensive, even if they are.

It’s obvious that I didn’t think I would get one. South Africa. The place I would be living. What is life? !

Real talk: I sold my first car last year in California. A 2000 Toyota Celica. This was the first car I purchased with the money I earned while working as a high school employee at Papa John’s Pizza.

My friends made it a joke that I drove my car to almost 30 years old, despite the things you see on IG. What if your priorities are in purchasing plane tickets?

Land Rover Setup

It was worth the effort to customize my Land Rover Defender. Instead of constantly moving or trying to find solutions that aren’t quite right, I have a few items that make setting up camp easy.

  • Slimline II Roof Rack Land Rover Defender 90: A strong roof rack is a must! It’s great for carrying anything and everything, even if you’re not camping.
  • Under Rack Table Slide: This quiet and secure solution allows you to store a front-runner table under your roof rack.
  • Tent Quick Release Mounts are another essential item for rooftop tent campers. This allows you to mount and remove your tent quickly without the need for tools.
  • Front Runner Easy-Out Awning: So practical! This is a great tool that I use every day, regardless of whether I’m in the rain or the sun.
  • Jerry Can Roof Rack Holder: This is the only way to carry fuel.
  • Floodlight with Bracket: These brackets make lighting easy. You don’t need to wire anything. These can be plugged directly into the 12v outlet.
  • An LED Floodlight with Bracket: This floodlight can be used to create a 120-degree flood pattern.
  • Typhoon Bag for Roof: This bag is completely waterproof and dustproof. It saves me a lot of time cleaning and keeps my gear clean.

This guide will show you how to make roughing it comfortable and enjoyable for even the most discerning traveler. This is the ultimate guide to camping gear!

Ideal for Camping

I can do some spontaneous camping anywhere, anytime. It’s easy to have all my gear in the car. These are photos of my Land Rover Defender set up for a day on the beach.

Even though camping is not permitted in certain areas, I can set up the tent and enjoy the views while relaxing. This is definitely one of the best things about owning this vehicle.

Although I don’t consider myself a car person, it’s these magical experiences that make me fall in love with my Land Rover.

Wolf Packs were mentioned in my Ultimate Campsite Packing Gear Guide. I can’t stress enough how useful these guys are. It’s easy to transport Wolf Packs with just a few vehicle accessories. These fit on my Land Rover roof rack:

  • Cargo Chocks: Got cargo? You need cargo chocks!
  • Stratchits (3 sets): These durable, lightweight stratchits can be used to transport any load so that you feel confident that everything will go well.

Other Land Rover Accessories

You can’t go wrong with a nice ride. These are some of the extras I find to be extremely worthwhile.

Venom Led Lightforce

Off-roading is a part of owning a 4×4 vehicle. These situations require the use of the right lights. The Lightforce Venom LEDs have incredible power.

These LEDs can light up to one Lux at 850m. This is an incredible amount of light, if you’re familiar with lights. They have a color temperature rating of 5000k, which is equivalent to natural daylight.

This creates a safer and brighter visual field. This lighting quality also makes a significant difference in driver fatigue.

Intervolt DCC 12v 25A Pro Charging Kit

This Land Rover add-on is another one that I have found to be truly unique. This is the best battery for your car. The Pro Charging Kit’s dual battery system allows me to run a refrigerator, as well as any other devices I may need.

This battery is the only one that can be remotely monitored and has options for solar or main power charging.

Intervolt Second Battery

When you’re out in the wild, it is always good to have backup.

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