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The Ultimate Camping Meal Plan and Packing List

The Ultimate Campsite Packing Gear Guide was available. I prefer to plan as much as I can when it comes camping and glamping. This makes the experience less stressful. It also allows me to be present and not worry about packing.

Despite this, I like to plan meals so that we don’t have too many and there is enough space for perishables.

This list is only for 2 people and will last for 2 nights. If you have more people, you might want to increase the number of ingredients.

The Ultimate Camping Meal Plan and Packing List
The Ultimate Camping Meal Plan and Packing List

The Meal Plan

Camping is all about simple meals that bring back memories of camping when I was a child. You can count on cheeseburgers, pizzas, and s’mores galore.

We eat mostly plant-based food for the most part. Camping is a great option because vegan foods don’t spoil as quickly and can be left out for a while.

You may prefer non-vegan foods. Make sure that your perishables are kept at the correct temperature to avoid them going back!

Planning meals and packing a list

After a day of fun and games, you will want to eat a delicious meal. There’s nothing more satisfying than cooking campfire comfort food and then sitting down to a long meal.

It’s simple, healthy food that I value. Here are the items I always take with me, along with a sample menu for two nights.


These are the essentials that I keep in my cub bags.

  • Organic Hot Cocoa Powder
  • Popcorn Kernels: Don’t forget the popcorn at the movie theater! Campfire popcorn is the best!
  • Condiments: Salt and Pepper, Cayenne Pepper. Nutritional Yeast (for popcorn). Honey, Sugar. Maple Syrup. Chili Flakes. Hot Sauce.
  • Olive Oil for Cooking (only when you can control the temperature)
  • Vegetable Oil for Popcorn
  • Truffle oil for popcorn and eggs
  • Ground Coffee (keep it in an airtight container).
  • Tea Bags
  • 5.3-gallon of Drinking Water: We re-use all containers and fill them locally. This is usually enough to provide water for one person. If you don’t have access to water at your campsite, bring more to wash dishes.
  • Rusks/twice-baked breads/dry biscuits are a popular South African type of biscotti. Rusks are a popular South African snack and I have definitely tried them. They are technically perishable but they last almost forever.


  • Almond milk (for coffee and cooking)
  • Butter–We make it vegan!
  • Condiments: Mustard and Mayo (either vegan or you can leave it out for a longer time), Ketchup


Cheese is the best burger topping! ), Pickles, Lettuce, Onion, Tomato, Buns, Potato Chips

Sausage Rolls/Hot Dogs:

Beyond Sausage – Love their original brats, Onion to Grill, Hot Dog Buns, and Corn on the Cob to Grill


Vegan Pancake Mix, Blueberries, Fresh Fruit


Pre-made pizzas can be purchased from your local shop, but you can also bring all the ingredients and bake fresh from scratch with the COBB pizza pizza stone.

Egg Croissant Sandwich:

Croissants, eggs–Love scrambled with a small amount of almond milk and salt & black pepper, Mushrooms Goat’s Milk Gouda Spinach

S’mores Stuff:

Graham crackers, Organic Dark Chocolate, and Marshmallows will take your s’mores to a whole new level.

Snacks + Drinks:

Trail Mix, Chips, and Sweets (non melting is best!) Soft drinks, Beer, Cider, Wine

Kitchen + Cooking Essentials

Although you may be used to having food on hand, it is important to make sure you don’t take too much or too little when camping.

A Jetboil Mini Mo is our go-to travel companion. We also bring a Cobb grill and a Cobb Grill. It’s great to have a single burner for quick heating water or other small items. We love the Cobb for complete meals, and we use it for almost every meal.

Our Stovetop (1-2 persons):

Our products are designed to cook for one or two people. Here are the ingredients we use:

  • The Jetboil Mini Mo is a lightweight, portable burner.
  • Pot Support: To support pots and pans, we place one of these on top.
  • Small Fuel: Finally, you can just put one of these in the burner to provide fuel.

Stovetop Option 2 (3+ persons):

You may prefer to travel with a larger group.

  • Jetboil Genesis Base Camp – For larger groups, you will need two burners.
  • Large Fuel: You can upgrade to a larger fuel tank so that you never run out.

Coal cooking (for any number of people):

  • Cobb: This is a great recipe for a classic barbecue!
  • Cobb Coal: Choose the eco-friendly option that fits in a cobb
  • Pizza Stone for Cobb: This is my new favorite pizza.
  • Cobb Cutting Board: Bamboo is hygienic, and can be used as a serving platter.

Additional cooking items:

Coffee lovers know that almost everyone has a favorite coffee preparation method. While camping, you will have several good options. The Jetboil boils water quickly, so even if you are brewing for several people, you won’t need a large pot.

These are some great options for making coffee.

  • Pour-Over Coffee is a super easy-to-pack option for drip coffee.
  • Aeropress: This is a great choice for ground coffee.
  • Staresso: This is for Nespresso pods and ground coffee.
  • French Press: French Press is a travel-friendly French newspaper.

This is it folks. I pack what I need when camping. Popcorn and pizza are a favorite snack of many.