Let’s Take a Hike – Book Review

Let’s go on a hike

Recently, I received a copy Let’s Take a Hike from Leslie Bains. There has been very little to do except picnic, read and spend time outdoors with Shelter in Place and COVID19 lockdowns. The book was an inspiration to me and made me long for the east coast.

The book includes 7 family-friendly trails through Nantucket. It also features fun illustrations by Danny Moore. Each hike includes information about the hike, its history and directions to get there. Fun trivia questions are also included by the author (answers in the back).

  • Hike 1: Sconset Bluff
  • Hike 2: Nantucket Field Station
  • Hike 3: Stump Pond Trail
  • Hike 4: Mill Hill
  • Hike 5: Tupancy links
  • Hike 6: Gardner Farm & Cisco Brewery
  • Hike 7: Sanford Farm

Hike 6 (Gardner Farm & Cisco Brewery) is my favorite of all the hikes. It starts at Hummock Pond Road. It takes you around an open field, Hummock Pond, and ends at the Cisco Brewery. It is a brewery but it is totally kid-friendly. It hosts live music and food trucks and is a lively spot in summer. Barlett’s Farm is a great place to stop by while you’re in the area. For more information and insights into the hike, make sure to get a copy.

  • Let’s go on a hike
  • Author Leslie Bains

While I lived in Boston, Nantucket was a favorite place of mine. It is easiest to travel to Nantucket by car from Boston. Then, take a ferry to Hyannis. It takes approximately 1 hour to get there and costs $77 RT (for adults) and $51 RT (for children).

The possibilities are endless once you reach Nantucket. You have three options: rent a car, bike or use the bus system. You will have the most freedom if you rent a car.

I take the first ferry to Nantucket and get a cup of coffee at Island Coffee Roasters when I arrive (they open at 5:30 am!). After that, I will stroll through the downtown before I decide on my transport method for the day.

Next, I will head east to explore the island. As mentioned in the book, this would be a wonderful opportunity to hike 1 (Sconset Bluff). Sconset Beach is nearby so you can take a quick nap before lunch.

I prefer to return to the downtown area from there so that I am ready for a nighttime ferry. This is a great opportunity to hike 6 to Cisco Brewery. The short hike can be combined with a quick lunch at one of the many food trucks located at the brewery. If you need a ride back, they offer a shuttle service.

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