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In 2022, RV Shipments Reach Highest Levels

The Family Vacation Experience has Changed

Road trips are a favorite pastime for many people. It’s a great way to bond with your family and find adventure, while also enjoying the freedom of the open road. Except for those with an RV, the ongoing pandemic has put a halt to these journeys.

The COVID-19 storm is not affecting the RV industry as well as it appears. June 2020 was the best month for sales in the past 18 months. The RV Industry Association released a July report that showed more than 40,000 RVs sold in June, an 11 percent increase over June last year.


In 2022, RV Shipments Reach Highest Levels
In 2022, RV Shipments Reach Highest Levels

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  1. In 2022, RV Shipments Reach Highest Levels

    RV Shipments

Despite the fact that overall RV sales have dropped for the year due to many factory and dealer closures across the country, this rebound shows Americans still want to be with their families.

Which Kind of Product Is Being Sold?

The majority of shoppers are looking for RVs that can easily be towable by their vehicle. Most sales were of towable RVs such as the 1972 Avion Camper.

Also, the report shows strong growth in segments that are more affordable. The popularity of folding/pop-up campers has been good. They are easy to tow with smaller vehicles and are very affordable. Young people are attracted to the Class B segment of motorhomes that are built on full-sized vans. The Class B segment has seen a 90.2 percent increase in sales compared to June last year.

What isn’t selling well?

It’s not surprising that motorhomes of larger dimensions aren’t selling well due to the uncertainty in the economy and the different states of lockdown. The sales of Class A motorhomes fell by 19.9% year-over-year.

What about Hotels?

The hotel industry is one segment of the travel industry that is feeling the pinch. Hotels are experiencing difficulties as travelers choose to avoid travel or opt for alternative options like RVs. According to one industry publication, hotels have suffered from social distancing, travel bans, and a drop in occupancy rates ever since 9/11. Some hotels are renting out rooms to workers, who are unable to go to work but still require high-speed internet access. However, this is affecting the number of leisure travelers checking in.