Car Upgrades: What Makes a Good Aftermarket Steering Wheel?

By | May 15, 2020

I know some car experts would agree that buying an aftermarket steering wheel is a must upgrade for your car. Well, there are several reasons why it is worth the cost & effort to find one. Today, we will uncover what useful features to look out for.

Some may find it insignificant of an upgrade. But actually, this simple and easy upgrade can significantly improve your driving experience. It’ll also make the exterior of your more appealing and fresh. So let’s get moving, and answer the question.

DesignBlack Steering Wheel

A good aftermarket steering wheel should have a design. Not just any design. One that’s perfectly suited with your style of driving and also what kind of car you’re driving.

But do keep in mind, each of us has our preference when it comes to its designs. Since we are talking about you, and how you’ll get a good one. Try evaluating yourself what kind of style or design do you like.

This way you’ll have a much clear idea of what kind of design you like for your car. It’ll also help you narrow down your list of choices and options. Remember, it should have a good design that compliments with your style and the style of your car.


Moving on. It’s a hard fact that all vehicles come in different sizes, so too steering wheels. Trucks have much bigger and broader steering than a regular car. Choosing a much bigger or smaller one could hamper your driving experience.

Each type of vehicle has a standard steering measurement. They’re designed for a purpose. One is for comfortability for a better driving experience. Second, is for compatibility. The size is proportionate to the size of the vehicle.

In reality, this factor or feature usually gets neglected, which causes uncomfortable driving experiences. So when upgrading, choose the size recommended by the manufacturer of your car to avoid inconvenience.

Rim Shape

Choosing the right rim shape wouldn’t be hard as you thought it would once you’ve already decided on a particular design or style. Choosing its shape is a piece of cake.
But for the sake of information, here are the common shapes you’d find:

  • Circular
  • Flat Bottom
  • Open Top
  • Deep dish
  • Open top

If you are into racing, I highly suggest the open-top rim, because it gives way for you to see the dials and meters under the wheel. But if you aren’t into it, then there are still other rim shapes to choose from.

Always base the shape according to your style; that way, you wouldn’t struggle to decide which to choose.

Dish Depth

Does it matter? Hate to break it up to you. Yes, it does matter. Why may you ask?

Well, have you ever experienced having a hard time switching signal stacks or the traffic congestion causer stick? That could happen if the dish is too high.

Just remember this, the depth of the dish affects you in two ways. First up is the distance between you and the steering wheel, and second is the distance between your hands to the signal stalk.

Rim Cover

Now, this is about comfortability and style. Keep in mind that several designs and brands don’t use any rim covers on some of their products. For example, the Nardi Classic Steering Wheel uses fine-grade mahogany wood as a rim.

Some may find it uncomfortable not having any grooves or grips. But there are several people who love that wood texture between their hands while driving.

So when choosing, always opt that caters your comfortability. Not just for the sake of style, because rim covers play a crucial role in helping you manage hand fatigue when driving. You should better think about that.


Wooden Car Steering WheelI haven’t yet answered the question. To sum it up, a good aftermarket steering wheel should have an appealing design that suits your style, just the right size for your car, dish depth, and rim shape. Lastly, it should have a comfortable rim cover that prevents hand fatigue for longer drives.

I think that’s all of it. Just remember those key points, and you’ll find the one you’re looking for.