6 Technologies For The Houses of The Future

By | March 13, 2020

Today the use of technology dominates in this era where people can control  TVs, lights, and even air conditioning from our smartphone.  Here we show you six house technologies of the future that everyone should know.

Automated robots

There are already devices designed to walk around our house autonomously and clean the floor. That is the furthest we have come in terms of consumer robots so far.

However, in Germany, there is a prototype robot that does much more than clean floors. This device can pick up things, order, operate multiple machines, and even serve drinks. An integrated sensor prevents it from interfering with humans. Also, it can be controlled via a touch screen and even responds to programmed voice commands and gestures.

Of course, this is a robot that is in production. It won’t be long before we start seeing these types of automated robots in our homes.

Smart devices

As our devices like phones, watches, and other accessories get smart, we begin to recognize the benefits of this. Imagine having a smart refrigerator that can have a glass of water waiting for you when you go to the kitchen, previously ordered from your mobile.

Currently, you can already buy refrigerators, washing machines, and other devices equipped with touch screens and various sensors. But few of them have internet, allowing them to install and use apps directly from the device.

The most incredible thing about smart devices is that they will become more convenient, learning your preferences and making life more comfortable—an excellent opportunity for big data companies.

Turning the lights off and on from the wall switch is out of fashion. With the right technology in your home, you can control it from your mobile, touch panels, or automated systems.

Efficient energy consumption

Your car can tell you when it needs an oil change, so why can’t your house give you information like that? Think of an air conditioning system that alerts you when the air filter needs to be changed.

Better yet, think of a power system that alerts you when you’re overshooting your monthly budget. There are already companies with systems that record energy consumption, associating costs, and use in real-time. All this to allow the inhabitants of a house to manage the use of energy efficiently.

It won’t take long for more competitors to establish themselves in the market and become a standard technology.

Smart toilets

It seems strange to talk about this, but it’s already happening. There are toilets in Japan that can perform a urine test after use and report whether people have diabetes or are at risk. One of the primary purposes of smart toilets will be to stay healthy. Much can be prevented through a urine or stool test. Very soon, showers will be able to tell women if they are pregnant or detect colon cancer because of their needs.

Of course, there are other features like automated flavorings, ventilation systems, and room temperature seats. No one likes to sit on a cold toilet.

Centralized streaming and entertainment devices

Because cable TV is outdated and has many drawbacks, streaming has become the norm. The future of the houses will include a centralized streaming and entertainment system to offer greater convenience and quick access to digital entertainment. Thanks to subscription services like Netflix and even YouTube, you can enjoy the content on your TV easily.

It is time to say goodbye to cable systems and install a private internet network in our homes, and it will be over soon.

Closed and private networks

Think for a moment about how many of your devices are designed to be used with an internet connection. With all of the above, the product range will continue to expand.