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The best gadgets for noise to stop being a nuisance at home

That noise is part of our life is an indisputable fact. Traffic, music, plays, screams, electrical appliances, children playing are just some of the causes that make us unable to be disconnected, even when we are in our own home.

This excess noise generates a phenomenon known as noise pollution, which WHO points out as one of the four environmental factors that have the most significant impact on people’s health. The European Environment Agency estimates that more than 100 people are exposed to harmful levels of sound in the European Union, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, sleep disorders, hypertension, and stress. In fact, according to the European Commission, this phenomenon is associated with more than 10,000 cases of premature death each year.

There are many ways to isolate our home so that, within the possibilities, it is possible to maintain absolute tranquility that allows us, at least, to rest at certain times of the day or night. The most conventional is based on the use of certain materials for walls, ceilings, or windows. However, many companies have decided to innovate to offer fast, flexible, and customizable solutions to this problem, thanks to the application of new technological advances.

Here we bring you some examples of the most exciting gadgets so that if the noise at home does not let you rest, you can deal with this uncomfortable situation without the need to carry out works or change doors and windows.

The ‘white noise’ to stop stress

One of the popular methods to escape annoying noises is the use of machines that emit white noise, a type of sound that contains all frequencies.

White noise machines produce a sound that matches the surrounding ambient noise in amplitude, but with the opposite phase, that is, the stage is reversed. When the two sound waves merge, the effects of each one are annulled and create a new sound wave called the antiphase. Noise reduction devices use active noise cancellation (ANC) technology to reduce the invasive effects of background sounds. What these devices do is that they produce a second variety of music that mixes with the original incoming ambient sound stream and cancels the latter’s disruptive effect. This process is known as interference, and the cancellation of the invasive properties of both sound waves is called destructive interference. The antiphase is amplified and projected out of the device as white noise. The resulting sound is much softer, pleasant, and easy for the ear.

These types of gadgets are beneficial for falling asleep since the ear is the only one of the senses that remains active when we sleep. In this way, perceiving pleasant sounds prevents other sounds and louder noises with more disturbing frequencies from distracting or disturbing us.

Some of the alternatives that exist in the market are limited to emitting a white noise that attenuates unwanted noises. Still, others offer a sound therapy experience where you can hear things like waterfalls, waves on the beach, sounds of nature by night, or the fall of the rain, among others.

To sleep, study and work without noise

LectroFan is one of the brands in the sector of white noise machines, launched by Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc., a Silicon Valley company whose mission is “to adapt the sound to improve life.” Among its products, we find the LectroFan High Fidelity. In addition to white noise, it emits others such as pink noise and brown noise, composed of low and medium frequencies, more severe than white. These three types of noise provide an ideal environment to fall asleep. They are also useful for making studies or workspaces more enjoyable, making it an excellent tool to reduce distractions and increase productivity. Headphones for individual silence

A more individualized option is found in these attractive headphones that can do almost anything: from reducing the volume of noise from neighbors when moving furniture, to silencing the machines of the works on your street.

6 technologies for the houses of the future

Today the use of technology dominates in this era where people can control  TVs, lights, and even air conditioning from our smartphone.  Here we show you six house technologies of the future that everyone should know.

Automated robots

There are already devices designed to walk around our house autonomously and clean the floor. That is the furthest we have come in terms of consumer robots so far.

However, in Germany, there is a prototype robot that does much more than clean floors. This device can pick up things, order, operate multiple machines, and even serve drinks. An integrated sensor prevents it from interfering with humans. Also, it can be controlled via a touch screen and even responds to programmed voice commands and gestures.

Of course, this is a robot that is in production. It won’t be long before we start seeing these types of automated robots in our homes.

Smart devices

As our devices like phones, watches, and other accessories get smart, we begin to recognize the benefits of this. Imagine having a smart refrigerator that can have a glass of water waiting for you when you go to the kitchen, previously ordered from your mobile.

Currently, you can already buy refrigerators, washing machines, and other devices equipped with touch screens and various sensors. But few of them have internet, allowing them to install and use apps directly from the device.

The most incredible thing about smart devices is that they will become more convenient, learning your preferences and making life more comfortable—an excellent opportunity for big data companies.

Turning the lights off and on from the wall switch is out of fashion. With the right technology in your home, you can control it from your mobile, touch panels, or automated systems.

Efficient energy consumption

Your car can tell you when it needs an oil change, so why can’t your house give you information like that? Think of an air conditioning system that alerts you when the air filter needs to be changed.

Better yet, think of a power system that alerts you when you’re overshooting your monthly budget. There are already companies with systems that record energy consumption, associating costs, and use in real-time. All this to allow the inhabitants of a house to manage the use of energy efficiently.

It won’t take long for more competitors to establish themselves in the market and become a standard technology.

Smart toilets

It seems strange to talk about this, but it’s already happening. There are toilets in Japan that can perform a urine test after use and report whether people have diabetes or are at risk. One of the primary purposes of smart toilets will be to stay healthy. Much can be prevented through a urine or stool test. Very soon, showers will be able to tell women if they are pregnant or detect colon cancer because of their needs.

Of course, there are other features like automated flavorings, ventilation systems, and room temperature seats. No one likes to sit on a cold toilet.

Centralized streaming and entertainment devices

Because cable TV is outdated and has many drawbacks, streaming has become the norm. The future of the houses will include a centralized streaming and entertainment system to offer greater convenience and quick access to digital entertainment. Thanks to subscription services like Netflix and even YouTube, you can enjoy the content on your TV easily.

It is time to say goodbye to cable systems and install a private internet network in our homes, and it will be over soon.

Closed and private networks

Think for a moment about how many of your devices are designed to be used with an internet connection. With all of the above, the product range will continue to expand.

What are the best gadgets to carry in the car?

Heartbeat Bracelets

Prevent you from falling asleep at the wheel. They detect and analyze the heartbeat through a mobile app that alerts you with an alarm to stop it. An example of this is an app that has been developed by a well-known brand of mobile telephony, and that offers you to carry a “co-pilot” throughout the trip by car.

Projector for the windshield

Projects the navigation instructions of the smartphone on the windshield. It allows knowing directions, arrival times, lane directions, speed alerts, traffic, and speed cameras. It is like carrying a most futuristic screen, but the only thing you will need is the reflection of light itself.

Chris, your voice assistant

We introduce you to your new traveling companion, Chris. With it, you will no longer have to worry about being on the phone, which means taking your eyes off the road. Hooked on the first moon, Chris acts as a voice assistant and will instantly inform you about messages as well as calls received and will capture both your voice and your gestures. Compatible with all vehicles on the market, the presence of Chris is already revolutionizing the sector of car navigators.

Rear and front view cameras

Lack of visibility is often a problem for drivers when parking. The vast majority of cars that have been on the market in recent years have built-in cameras, but if you are one of those who do not have that great advantage, you should know that many types of cameras can be adapted to your current car.


This is a mechanical arm that, thanks to its flexibility, allows drivers to retrieve their belongings hidden in the most unusual places in your vehicle, for example, under your seat. With a resistance of up to 4 kilos, Odii also has magnets to facilitate obtaining metal objects, as well as a light so that the search in the dark for your most valuable objects is not an obstacle.

Anti-glare glass

The hours of the day when the sun rises and sets are usually the most delicate moments of the day when driving since they can cause dazzling and misleading. That is why this gadget, hooked on the hood of your vehicle, allows safe driving without the need for sunglasses. A straightforward product and adapted to your needs so that you do not reduce your field of vision.

Power inverters

The lack of battery in some portable devices, or others, are usually one of the headaches of drivers, which can often lead to misleading and put your safety and that of others at risk. That is why this product, coupled to the car battery, as well as the lighter, allows you to connect any device in the traditional way (through a plug).

Surveillance camera

This is the first device in the world that connects the user with their cars, in addition to sending monitored information about what is happening both inside and around (forced attempt, poorly parked vehicle .) “Small but thug”, this camera has an inserted alarm that alerts the police of any unusual movement of the car.

Wi-fi access point

It allows you to have an Internet connection in the car. With this accessory, you can enjoy all the possibilities of the Internet with your computer or smartphone without consuming the mobile data on your phone.

Wheel pressure detectors for your vehicle

These accessories monitor and detect tire pressure and battery charge level. The sensors, installed on the wheels, inform the driver of the status of their tires 24 hours a day, whether it is running or when it is turned off.